French Evolution

2011 — Digital producer, Art director, UI Designer
‘Evolução Francesa’ was the brand behind the content strategy of Lacoste in Brazil. Successfully turned over their blog into a fashion curatorship portal, recreating all content showcase and management. Working closely with Live and Norte agencies, we designed and coded from content management system to interface, an entirely new end-to-end product.

Some backgrounds, typography and home arrangements tested for the first approval rounds.

The Challenge    
    The goal was to turn their successful in-house blog into an online portal, with constant updates from countless featured collaborators (stylists, designers, bloggers, photographers and trendsetters). As the project got bigger, it required rethink all content management and permission levels.

The Previous blog, designed by Hardcuore.

    The IT Solution
    Live agency provided a complete prototype with features based on their UX research and a set of new functionalities. We brought some ideas for the homepage like menu instead of tabs, modular content stacks, fluid random arrangements for home and inner pages, and social media integration. In the backstage a WP engine was elected to run the new platform with the capacity and flexibility the project required. Front-end and Back-end powerfully integrated by detailed levels of permission, providing total control over content and form.

    The user interface
    Norte Agency indicated the designer Nelson Balaban to create the UI concepts and backgrounds. Lacoste gave us freedom, so we drove a serious pack of options until we decide along with the agency for a definitive style. A very simplified and sharp version was elected to go live. The inner pages design inherited the modular grid style structure to accommodate the new loads of content. Visually, the background simulates subtly pixelated sew lines over gradients. The whole idea is highlight the content using modular shapes.

    The Outcome
    A customized simplified CMS and an entirely new front-end interface, now ready for massive updates and completely manageable. The project was live for almost 3 years and was the main channel between Brazilian creatives and the Lacoste brand.

Agency: Live
Creative Director: Mauro Silva
Creative Manager: Pedro Perurena
Producer: Marcus Vinícius Lopes Martins
UX/Usability: Fernando Maciel
Digital Producer: Marcos BG / WNOVA
Brand Design: Hardcuore
Artist Representation: Norte
Art Direction: Marcos BG
Concept: Nelson Balaban / Norte
UI Design: Marcos BG / Nelson Balaban
Development: Jaison Niehues / WNOVA

The final screens with the internal unfolding modules. 

some home screen modular arrangements going live.
Marcos BG
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