Pegadas Salgadas

— 2011

“They did so much advertising that suddenly the whole world wanted to live here.”*

‘Salted Footprints’ — an independent documentary feature-film that portrays how surfing culture influenced the city of ‘Florianópolis’ in south Brazil. Based on 25 interviews with people that make their living out of surfing in the city, along with stunning landscapes and surf footage.

Independent feature-film documentary, 76'
Roles in this project: Film Editor, Art Director, Color Grading.
* Quote by Fernando "Marreco" Moniz.


Luciano Burin – direção, roteiro, produção, câmera aquática, montagem e edição
Antonio Zanella – câmera e consultoria de efeitos
Rafael Ribeiro – câmera e still
Fábio Siebert – som direto
Marcos BG – edição, montagem e arte
Léo Gomes – edição de som
Tiago Santos – produção executiva e finalização
Marx Vamerlatti – consultoria de fotografia
Marcos D`Elboux - câmera adicional

Trilha Sonora original:
GVS Tracks - Guilherme Vieira da Silva

Músicas de artistas convidados: "Insônia" - Tijuquera
"Pegadas"- ManeCabral
"Dance Til`Day"- Malandro
"Lamento"- ART Project
"Território da Lola" - ART Project
Featured in film festivals around the world and broadcasted on national television in Brazil. An official 76’ full movie version, published on YouTube since 2014, has achieved more than 200K views.

Also available on
Amazon Prime Video.

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