A Pedra e o Farol

— 2016

“It's a surreal wave”*

'The Lighthouse and the Stone' — In this journey with director Luciano Burin, our aim was to reveal the intriguing relations between the legendary Santa Marta lighthouse and the 'Campo Bom' ocean slab, located in South Brazil. Independent feature-film documentary awarded in festivals around the world and broadcasted on national television in Brazil.
Feature-film Documentary, 108'
Roles in this project: Film Editor, Assistant Director, Art Director, Camera, Sound Designer, Color Grading
* Quote by André Paulista


Director and Writer: Luciano Burin
Film Editor: Luciano Burin & Marcos BG
Executive Production: Luciano Burin & Tiago Naccari
Production: Scult Filmes
Camera: Antonio Zanella, David Mendonça, Guilherme Reynaldo, Luciano Burin, Marcos BG, Marcos Vinicius D'Elboux, Pietro Franca, Rafael Ribeiro
Colorist: Marcos BG
Sound Design: Leonardo Costa Gomes, Luciano Burin & Marcos BG
Sound Mixer and Editor : Leonardo Gomes
Boom operator: Luciano Burin
Original Soundtrack: Guilherme Vieira da Silva, Lucas Garcindo, Luciano Burin, Manuel Cabral
Assistant Director: Marcos BG
Production Assistants: Guilherme Reynaldo, Marcos BG, Luis Henrique Tavares

Sustainability Award
Surf at Lisbon Film Festival
Lisbon — Portugal 2016

Best National Feature-Film
Mimpi Film Fest
Rio de Janeiro — Brazil 2016

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