Onda Limpa

2013 — Creative direction
Clean wave (from Portuguese: ‘onda limpa’), a campaign aimed to promote awareness regarding the need for rubbish recycling and preservation of the beach environment in a fun way.

We installed surfboard-shaped totems all over the 16 beach entrances around Laguna City coastline, equipped with both recyclable plastic bags dispensers, trash cans and a constant waste collection during the summer.

Other media included billboards, informative leaflets about seasonal waste collection and pollution, TV ads, jingle for FM and AM radio, newspaper and magazine campaign.

Client: Laguna District
Agency: Racing Comunicação
Creative Direction: Marcos BG, Julio Balsini
Copywriter: Julio Balsini
Art Direction: Marcos BG, Leandro Cardoso Pires
Account Manager: Marina Boschetto
Media Strategy: Júlia Stapazolli
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